We Talk to Heajin ‘Hailie’ Kim, Candidate for the 26th District Council Seat
By Christian Murray
Today, we speak to Sunnyside resident Heajin ‘Hailie’ Kim who is running for the 26th District Council seat currently held by Jimmy Van Bramer.

뉴욕시의회 퀸즈 26지구에 27세 한인 1.5세 김혜진 교수 출마한다

Op-Ed: Development in the time of coronavirus
by Hailie Kim
‘At a land use meeting for Queens Community Board 2 on May 20, YourLIC — a development team consisting of TF Cornerstone, Plaxall, Simon Baron Development and MAG Partners — revealed a large-scale plan to develop the area surrounding Anable Basin in Long Island City.

Further Actions Legislators Can Take To Reform the NYPD
by Hailie Kim
“Amidst calls for legislative change surrounding the police, there have been many issues addressed by the New York City Council: reallocating a billion dollars from the New York Police Department into education, housing and social services.
While these are important steps to take in reforming the NYPD, there also needs to be discussion about police interactions with youth

CUNY 헌터칼리지 교수 김혜진씨
LIC·서니사이드 지역구에

Adjusting our education system in a post-coronavirus world demands more funding.
byHailie Kim
‘During his March 13 press conference, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that the “schools are the second biggest expense for…’

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