When We Fight, We Win

Housing and Land Use

Land use and housing are the two biggest issues facing our district and NYC as a whole.  The land use process is inequitable, and rents keep getting higher as the City’s definition of “affordable housing” becomes murkier.  As more New Yorkers face the possibility of eviction and homelessness, we need to understand how we got here to begin with, and what we can do to fix it.

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One of the greatest issues facing education in NYC is segregation and unequal funding, which lead to unequal preparation of students to enter university. This is directly connected to the economic disparities evident in our City. District-wide, we are in dire need of more schools to be built because, as the School Construction Authority told the Wall Street Journal in 2019, they were still searching for 70 school sites for the roughly 45,000 school seats needed within the next 5 years.

At their core, education policies should be centered around the two people who matter the most: those doing the teaching and those doing the learning.

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Racial Justice and Policing

This moment is about accountability as we come to terms with the harsh reality that police brutality is not about good or bad cops but a corrupt, racist system. In shifting this conversation, we begin the work that will make sure that the police get their knees off the necks of Black and Brown people and ensure racial justice.

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Environmental and Climate Justice

The environment is one of the biggest concerns of the 21st century, for the world and for Queens. Our waterfronts are flood zones, and air pollution here has made Queens residents more vulnerable to respiratory illnesses and to the dangerous symptoms of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, more fossil-fuel based plants are being proposed. We need to take bold steps to address the systemic ways in which we have been destroying the Earth, moving away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, actively preserving green space, and protecting flood zones.

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Problems with public transportation plague New Yorkers. With crumbling subway stations, long wait times for trains, and an inefficient bus system, there’s a lot of work to be done.

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While I support Medicare for All at the federal level, and the NY Health Act at the state level, I will work to expand the current public option offered in NYC so we can make sure all New Yorkers are insured, because healthcare is a human right.

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Jobs and the Economy

The Covid economic crisis has greatly magnified the pre-existing crises of employment and small business survival. In this moment that demands bold thinking our economic policy response should go beyond traditional short-term stimulus and embrace lasting structural change that permanently improves expectations.

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The Arts

As an English teacher I understand the central role that the arts have played and continue to play in New York’s history and culture, as well as the economic importance of arts and culture to the city. At the same time, artists and arts organizations have economic needs. It is through the economic sphere that public policy can best support artists and the arts.

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One of the most important questions to ask about everything listed above: more schools, more teachers, more deeply affordable housing alongside the building of more public and permanent supportive housing and the expansion of public health care...how do we pay for it?

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