Meet Hailie

Hailie Kim moved to Sunnyside from Seoul, South Korea with her parents just in time to start first grade at P.S 150, and is a proud product of the public school system. Throughout her life, her mother worked as a nail technician and until recently her father owned a small beauty supply store in Queens that has had to close because of COVID 19. Currently, she is an adjunct professor in English Literature at Hunter College, proud union member of PSC-CUNY, and also translates texts from Russian to English.

Community Organizing

Her education emphasized civic duty and community service, so she learned to love her neighborhood from a young age. At age 12, she was heavily involved in organizing petitions for Earth Day awareness, working on a documentary on the Korean-American LGBTQIU community with the grassroots organization Nodutdol, and teaching Korean at the New York Presbyterian Church.

Mutual Aid

Throughout COVID, Hailie has volunteered with food pantries at Mosaic Church’s Community Center, Sunnyside-Woodside Mutual Aid’s Woodside Houses pantry as well as one offs with LIC-Relief and Urban Upbound. She sees how severe the need our community is everyday.

Teaching and Education

I am a proud educator, but as my fellow teachers know, being an adjunct professor means I don’t make a living wage.  I want to go from a position where I try my best to show my students that their voices matter, to showing my district and my city the same thing. I want to go from being told there’s no money in the budget to pay our educators, to being able to tell them we will pay them a living wage, and get our students the services they need.


48-23 Skillman Avenue, Sunnyside, N.Y. 11104
(530) 220 -4847